How to repair brooken bleed screw in radiator BMW E36

Did you broke the screw when loosening / tightening it?

See how to easily remove the residue of screw on the example of the bleed screw in radiator of BMW E36.

Below residue of bleed screw in radiator BMW E36. Tightened the 1/4 turn too much… and the plastic screw was too weak to hang on it… 😉

urwana śruba odpowietrznika BMW e36

Below you can see the small set, so that we can handle almost every brooken screw:

  • set of drill extractors / unscrewers with universal grip (about 2 – 3 €)
  • large star screwdriver
  • screw or (in the case of a brooken metal screw) battery screwdriver / drill with a drill bit smaller than the screw

narzędzia do wykręcenia urwanej śruby

1. To unscrew the brooken screw at first drill it by electric drill, preferably with twice smaller diameter than the brooken screw. In this case task was easier due to the fact that the screw was made of plastic. Here you can use a heated flat screwdriver, than sink it in the plastic screw, wait until freeze and then unscrew the rest of screw. I didn’t have nothing near by car to heat up the screwdriver, so I used plain screw:

wykręcanie urwanego odpowietrznika BMW

2. After screwing and unscrewing a screw, which replaces in this case the drill, screw in slowly the unscrewer. We do, however, unlike usual as unscrewer has reversed /opposite thread, that we’re turning to the left, just as we would to twist and the screw should start to unscrew. When it starts to catch enough hard, then the residue of bleed screew starts to unscrew together with unscrewer:

wykręcanie urwanej śruby odpowietrznika BMW e36wykręcanie urwanej śruby odpowietrznika BMW e36

3. It remains only enjoyable part – screwing in your new bleed screw 🙂

wykręcona pozostałość urwanej śruby odpowietrznika

The whole operation takes up to half an hour.
Good luck 🙂